IT234-210 Network I


Overview of computer networks. By the start of the OSI model and the Internet model, then discussed the concept. Elements of the network such as a LAN physical layer switching path. And routing The course’s practice covers about. Switch route and get as bridging and spanning tree protocol and the IP address. The net result chopped And configure the routing model. Static and dynamic

Goal / Expectations

  1. Understand the underlying fundamentals and technology of computer networks.
  2. Know how everything works and how do they work together cooperatively
  3. be a contributor in the future research and development
  4. Design and implement communication applications.
  5. Read, synthesizes and present scientific papers within the area.
  6. Describe, reason about, and suggest design for networks.
  7. Use modeling and simulation to analyze networks.

Learning Activities / Lectures

  1. Computer Networks and the Internet
  2. Application Layer
  3. Transport Layer
  4. Network Layer
  5. Link Layer
  6. Physical Layer