Plain and Simple English

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Plain and Simple English


open - anyone can join this class


This is an English Study class.

We will look at a concept of 'Plain and Simple English' (PSE).

And we will look at how to make English plain and simple.


In a nutshell, PSE uses some 5,000 simple words, about 20 sentence constructs (or formulas) and common grammar rules (or common agreements), to talk and write in English.

We will look at how we use PSE from an 'object-oriented' view.



1) A sentence is a unit of information. Usually, a sentence has 3 parts: actor (subject), act (verb), and receiver (object)

2) A sentence construct is a formula to make a sentence

3) A grammar rule is a common agreement that we, all, accept

4) An 'object-oriented' view is a way to look at everything as an 'object' or a 'thing'. Things have 'properties' like 'name, type, shape, size, color, and so on. Things can belong to 'sets'. Things can hide. Things are more fun to play with just like toys.

If you can follow the class this far, you can help with PSE.

If you are not sure what is going on, welcome to PSE!



Please forgive me. I am too slow in writing objects for learning. My excuse is this. I have to do things I have not planned for. A friend, who had a heart-bypass operation recently, had to go to a hospital in Brisbane. He had to have another operation to drain some fluid from his lungs. I drove him to the hospital. It was a long and tiring trip by road. It took four hours to go down and five hours, up. We, both, are still very tired.

Welcome, Mon Intravong. I am glad you joined me. If we worked together, then we should be better at using English. I always say 'English is a tool' - the more we use a tool, the better we are at it.

This '' is also a tool. I am still learning to use it.

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