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  English 2    (อ 12101)                                                                  Secondary education: 1/1           

  Unit: 4 People Songs                                                                  Time: 1 hour  


1. Objective

           1.) Students understand the meaning of the vocabulary.

           2.) Students can spell the vocabulary correct.

           3.) Student can write the vocabulary correct.

           4.) Students can matching of the vocabulary correctly.

2. Learning

          1.) Vocabulary: Fire fighter, Car mechanic, Pilot, Barber, Postman, Police, Lifeguard, Teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Astronaut, Judges, lawyer, Actor, Writer, Chef, Waiter.

3.) Structure:

            1.) Teacher teaches about vocabulary though the songs with lyrics.

            2.) Teacher give the students tell what is the occupation that taking from the songs.

            3.) Students do exercise.




4. Process

            1.) Worm up: Teacher greets student, ask them about the meaning of the occupations vocabulary, the meaning of words, and what are they do? And they give the example of the words to the teacher.

            2.) Presentation:

                        2.1.) Teacher gives the students listening to music.                

                        2.2.) Teacher asks them what is the occupation is in this song and they give teacher the occupations vocabulary.                             

                        2.3) Teacher shown the word cards and reads it.

                        2.4) Teacher tells the students that “Repeat after me” and tells them what is the meaning of words.

                        2.5) When we finish, teacher give them some exercise. When they finish work teacher opens the songs again and check it together.

                        2.5) Teacher give them review the objective

            3.) Practice: Students watch the songs and remember the word and their functions.

                        3.1.) Teacher opens the song “People songs”

                        3.2.) After students has already listening the songs, teacher give them some exercise

                        3.3.) Students do exercise.

                        3.4.) Teacher asks them in exercise individual.

                        3.5.) Teacher gives them a point who can answer correctly.

            5.) Evaluation: Teacher distributes the exercise to the students and gives them some homework and will be test them about vocabulary next week.

4. Materials

            1.) Work sheets.

            2.) Computer or CD player.

            3.) People songs.

            4.) Whiteboard.

            5.) Word cards.










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