Reading and Writing (E 23201) M. 3/5

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Reading and Writing (E 23201) M. 3/5

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Calendar course description

Practice of skills needed for successful reading and writing in variety of subjects areas.

Through practical reading and writing assignments and balance of lectures and practices.

Course overview

E 23201 introduce you to schools level reading and writing. Its goal is to enable you to build on the reading and writing skills you have developed through your exercises. Through these experiences, you will prepare yourself for the increasingly challenging reading and writing you will do as you advance through your school level and beyond.

Course goals and learning outcomes

The course goals state what the course should help students learn; the learning outcomes state what you should be able to demonstrate during and at the end of the course. The course content will focus on meeting the course objectives described below.

Goal 1: To strengthen students' reading skills

Learning Outcomes: Students should be able to

1. Use reading strategies to comprehend challenging texts.

2. Identify the main and supporting ideas in what you read.

Goal 2: To prepare students for writing in the subject

Learning objectives: You should be able to

1. use writing as a means of learning

2. summarize effectively

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