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choose a , b or c.

1. The three women found----------

a.a pot of souo

b.a pot and a stive

c. a pot of soup and a stove

2. In the pot there was--------

a. a stove      b. b. soup   c. meat

3. The pot was----

a. on a stove  b. under a stove  c. near a stove

4. When they saw the pot, the first women....................

a. threw it away  b. tasted the thing in it  c. cleaned it and took it out of the stove

5. The first women.......

a. put something in the pot  afte tasting it  b. put something into the pot before tasting it  c. took something out of  the pot after tasting it

6. The second women .............

a. was angry with the first one  b. put some salt in the pot  c. took some meat out of the curry

7. The second woman said that...... .....

a. the soup too hot  b. some salt must be added to the soup  c. someone needed  some salt

8. The second woman put some........

a. soup  into two cups  b. salt into two cups  c. salt into the pot

9. "This soup needs some salt" mean.............

a. there is no salt in it  b. there is enough salt in it

c. someone wants  some soup and some salt

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