A-Eng [P5]

Alvin Christian A.Sotelo

A-Eng [P5]

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A-Eng P.5 Semester 2/2013.



English for Primary 5 is mainly focused on reading and writing that would help the students improve their skills on the given competency. The school will polish and improve the student's skills by providing them the right and necessary actions suitable for their needs.

The second semester of Brighter Future School would be based on the following topics:.

a.   Writing postcards.

b.   Features of Presentation and layout / Questions.

C.   Story with Moral Issue.

D.   Speech Marks and direct speech.

E.   Story from a different Culture.

F.   Play script.

G.   Autobiography.

H.   Anagrams.

I.   homophones.

J.   Literal Comprehension based on a Story Read.

K.   Prefixes and suffixes.

l.   Reading Sci-Fi / Fantasy.

M.   Sequencing, setting and characterization.

n.   Letter patterns.

o.   punctuations.

p.   Handwriting Practice.

Q.   Giving a Point of View.

R.   longer Writing a Story.

s.   Writing a review.

T.   Comparison poems.

u.   Storyboards.

Note: The following topics are outlined based on the books used by the students written by Louis Fidge, 'Writing Composition 5' and 'Reading Comprehension 5.'

Below is a simple guide in writing a post card. This topic aims not just to highlight some of the cultural differences experienced by the children (if they happened to spend their vacation outside Thailand) but also to teach them how to relate their stories to their friends by discussing their holiday experiences through writing a post card.

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