English class

นาย วัชนะ กระจ่างจบ
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English class


International School




LESSON PLAN:  Greetings and Introductions        TIME:     45-60 mins 
FOCUS:              Greetings                                          LEVEL:  Beginner 
After this lesson, students will be able to greet each other in
different ways, and introduce people and say where they are 
A ball or something that can be thrown across the classroom. 
‘How are you?’ worksheet, ‘Gapfill’ worksheet, ‘Tom’ picture, 
‘Information exchange’ worksheet, ‘Rearrange the conversation’ 
worksheets, ‘Puppets’
(These are all available to download from this site.) 
How are you? 
Where are you from? 
This is _____, he’s/she’s from ______. 
WARM-UP  ACTIVITY (5-10 mins) 
Ask students what they say when they see someone they know.
Elicit “hello” and ask students what other greetings they know. 
On the board write: 
hello          goodbye         hi            good morning  
Ask students which one is NOT a greeting. 
Tell students they have two minutes to greet as many of their 
classmates as possible – encourage them to use as many 
different greetings as possible. 
Hand out the ‘How are you?’ worksheet to each student to 
complete individually. 
On the board write: 
What’s your name?  
My name’s ________. 
I’m __________. 
Practice these structures by asking students what their names 
Ask students to work in pairs and ask each other what their 
names are. 
On the board write: 
How are you?  
I’m fine thanks. 
Practice these structures and tell students to work in pairs and 
ask each other how they are
On the board write: 
Where are you from?  
 I’m from _______. 
Practice these structures by asking students where they are 
Ask students to work in pairs and ask each other where they 
are from. 
(5-10 mins) 
Ask the students to stand in a circle. Take the ball in your hand 
and say “My name is ______.” Then throw the ball to a strong 
student and encourage him/her to say “My name is ______.” 
This student then throws the ball to another student who does 
the same. 
When every student has caught the ball and said their name, take the ball again and say “My name is ______, and I’m from 
Throw the ball around the class until every student has said 
“My name is ______, and I’m from ______.” 
(5-10 mins) 
Hand out the ‘Gapfill’ worksheet to students to complete in 
(5-10 mins)
Show students the ‘Tom’ picture and ask “Where is Tom from?” 
Elicit “He’s from Beijing.” 
Show students the ‘Anne’ picture and ask “Where is Anne 
from?” Elicit “She’s from London.” 
Divide the students into pairs, one is student A, the other is 
student B. 
Hand out the ‘Information exchange’ worksheet and tell 
students to sit back to back so that they cannot see each 
other’s paper. 
Students ask each other questions to find out the missing 
information from their worksheet. 
(5-10 mins)
Handout the ‘Rearrange the conversation’ worksheets to 
students to complete in pairs. 
(5-10 mins)
On the board write: 
This is my friend, his/her name’s _______.
Students work in groups of three and take it in turns to 
introduce each other.  
Give each student a finger puppet and tell them to give it a 
name and a city or country. Explain that the puppets only 
“speak” English. Divide the class into groups of two or three and 
tell students to introduce their puppets to each other. 



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