Section 01 for 460-302 Information Technology for Management (2/60)

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Section 01 for 460-302 Information Technology for Management (2/60)

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460-302 Information Technology for Management (2/60)

Section 02: Tue & Thur 14.30-16.20 FMS 3503

1. จุดมุ่งหมายของรายวิชา Purposes of the course


  • เข้าใจความสำคัญของ IT เพื่อการจัดการได้
  • สามารถประยุกต์ใช้ IT เพื่อการจัดการได้
  • สามารถใช้งาน MS office เพื่อการจัดการได้

2. คำอธิบายรายวิชา Course Description

  • Elements and types of information systems for management;
  • information flow within an organization;
  • using information technology for improving of quality;
  • productivity and competitive advantage of organization; electronic business;
  • development of organization information systems;
  • planning, and cost­ benefit analysis of information systems;
  • system evaluation and selection;
  • impacts of information technology to individual, organization and societies;
  • ethics, laws and national policies concerning information technology

3. ตำราและเอกสารหลัก Required textbooks and materials

  • Laudon, K and Laudon, J. (2013). Management Information System: Managing the Digital Firm. 13th Edition, Pearson, USA.
  • Text: Hunt/Waxer, Microsoft Office 2013 – Illustrated Fundamentals (9781285418292) Cengage Learning, 2014
  • Handouts: Additional handouts may be required. Instructor will provide information on obtaining this material.
  • Software: Instructor will provide information on how to use these packages.

4. แผนการสอน Teaching Plan

1ClassStart + Computer concepts
2Unit A+B: Windows 8
3Ex 1
4Chapter 1: Information Systems in Global Business Today
5Quiz 1 Chapter 1 + Ex 2
6Chapter 2: Global E-­Business
7Quiz 2 Chapter 2 + Ex 3
8Chapter 3: Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy
9Quiz 3 Chapter 3 + Ex 4
10Unit D,E,F: Word
11Ex 5
12Chapter 4: Ethical and Social
13Chapter 6: DB and Info Mgt
14Quiz 4: chapter 6 + Advanced Word
15Quiz 5: Word + Ex 6
16Chapter 9: Enterprise App
17Quiz 6: chapter 9 + ทวนสอบ Midterm
18Chapter 10: E­-Commerce
19Quiz 7: Chapter 10 + Ex 7
20Chapter 11 Knowledge management
21Chapter 12 Enhancing decision making
22Chapter 13 Building Information systems
23Unit G: Excel
24Quiz 8 Excel + Ex 8
25Excel H + I
26Ex 9 + Quiz 9
27Access J
28Access K + L
29Ex 10 + Quiz 10
30ทวนสอบ Final

5. การประเมินผล


Evaluation Methods


Percentage of Evaluation

Midterm exam


Final exam






6. การตัดเกรดอิงเกณฑ์

A (ดีเยี่ยม)

80 - 100

B+ (ดีมาก)

75 - 79

B (ดี)

70 - 74

C+ (พอใช้)

65 - 69

C (ค่อนข้างดี)

60 - 64

D+ (อ่อน)

55 - 59

D (อ่อนมาก)

50 - 54

E (ตก)

0 - 49

7. Course Policies:

Missed Classes: The student is responsible for obtaining material distributed on class days when he/she was absent. This can be done through contacting a classmate who was present or by contacting the instructor during his office hours or other times. Missed or late quizzes can not be made up under any circumstances but with good cause and adequate notice, an early quiz may be given.

Assignments: All assignments are due at the end of class on the date due. No exceptions are made.

Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on exam, paper or project; failure in course; and or expulsion from the University. For more information refer to the "Academic Dishonesty" policy in the University Undergraduate Catalog. For this class, it is permissible to assist classmates in general discussions of computing techniques. General advice and interaction are encouraged. Each person, however, must develop his or her own solutions to the assigned projects, assignments, and tasks. In other words, students may not "work together" on graded assignments.

Need for Assistance: If you have any condition, such as a physical or learning disability, which will make it difficult for you to carry out the work as I have outlined it, or which will require academic accommodations, please notify me as soon as possible.

Incomplete Policy: Students will not be given an incomplete grade in the course without sound reason and documented evidence as described in the Student Handbook. In any case, for a student to receive an incomplete, he or she must be passing and must have completed a significant portion of the course. 

eLearning: It will be used for class content (e.g., class slides and assignment descriptions) and the recording of grades. Slides will be posted before class. Class announcements (e.g., change in assignment dates) will also be posted. It is the students’ responsibility to keep up with the changes that are posted on eLearning.

Make­up Exams: No make­up tests/workshops/case studies will be offered except on medical or educational grounds. You will be required to provide necessary documentations.

Attendance Policy: Attendance is extremely important. Students are expected to attend all classes in order to achieve maximum success.

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